Building a Legacy

on a Solid Foundation


Named after John Louis Terrell, a WWII veteran who worked as a brick mason, J L Terrell Construction, LLC is carrying on the legacy our grandfather built: one of hard work, service to the community, and a commitment to building a stronger Metro DC — starting with partners like you.

As DC natives, we treat our partners as our neighbors and our construction sites as our communities — because they are. We love our city and understand its people better than anyone.

With 40+ years of experience and wide-ranging certifications, our industry-leading services are designed to bring your vision to life — from design to build.

Let’s partner to build stronger communities.

Keith S. McDuffie


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Our people, our mission, and our work are anchored to our core values

As a minority-owned, family-run business, hard work is in our blood — we take pride in going above and beyond for our partners like you.

Founded, owned, and largely staffed by DC locals, we treat every project like we’re building our own home.

We are not just building for now — we are building for the future. That means minimizing waste and upholding best-in-class sustainability practices to benefit our clients, our communities, and our planet.

Staying in communication, on time, and within budget. When we give you our word, we stick to it. Period.


Keith S. McDuffie

Keith S. McDuffie grew up in Washington, DC, and has a deep-rooted affection for this city. His passion for construction was discovered early in life, inspired by observing his grandfather, John Louis Terrell, who worked as a skilled brick mason and undertook various home improvement projects. While pursuing his studies at the University of the District of Columbia, Keith aspired to establish his own business in the future.

Motivated by his commitment to enhancing the development of his city, Keith founded J L Terrell Construction, LLC in 2017 while studying Construction Management at Montgomery College. Recognizing the potential of J L Terrell to serve as a bastion for DC, Keith was determined to contribute to its growth.

Keith’s devotion to the community is evident in his company’s operation, which include prioritizing local hiring and selecting projects that align with community needs. Guided by his unwavering focus and the values he holds dear, Keith’s love for his community serves as the driving force behind his objective and mission: Building a legacy on a solid foundation. To establish his company as an integral part of the community, Keith diligently engages in outreach initiatives, service activities and assumes leadership roles.  




Keith S. McDuffie

Keith S. McDuffie grew up in Washington, DC, and loves this city. His passion for construction was found early in life, watching his grandfather, John Louis Terrell, work as a brick mason and being the handy man around the house. During college at the University of the District of Columbia, he already aspired to start his own business one day.

His love for construction led him to launch J L Terrell Construction, LLC in 2017. Keith knew that J L Terrell needed to be a business and safe haven for his family and local community.

His commitment to both is demonstrated by how he runs his company, hires employees, and chooses projects. Family keeps him grounded and focused on his goal and mission: Building a legacy on a solid foundation. Keith works hard to position his company as a pillar in the community through outreach, service, and leadership.

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