Past Performances - Services

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Site On-call Snow, Ice Removal & Shoveling Support Services – DGS

JLTC mobilized manpower and equipment for snow melt services while providing all management and labor necessary to perform the service. Our teams continually maintained any areas during a snow event free from all hazardous conditions that may develop from ice or snow including, all entrances, steps, sidewalks, ramps, parking areas, and other approaches. Our teams supplied a sufficient of vehicles and labor needed to perform all of the services required of it in an expedient manner.

HAZMAT Environmental Cleaning Services- DGS

JLTC provided environmental HAZMAT level, deep cleaning services on all high-touch surfaces and areas for various D.C. government-owned and operated facilities.

HVAC Technician Services – DGS

JLTC was tasked with providing comprehensive assessment and retrofitting the existing systems to ensure an optimal HVAC/air quality environment is conducive for students, faculty, and visitors.