Past Performances - Projects

Triangle Park - DGS

As stated by the hiring agency, the park was “in need of beautification and site enhancements.” JLTC worked from start to finish as we provided skilled labor, materials and furnishings to demolish and then upgrade a community park in Southeast Washington, D.C.

James Creek Project - DCHA

JLTC provided labor and materials required to perform operations necessary to repair and ready vacant units at various DCHA properties.

Brook’s Sales Center – Urban Atlantic

JLTC acted as the general contractor/ CM for Urban Atlantic Development on this condominium sales center project. Also, surveyed and located existing underground utilities. Excavated, backfilled, and compacted a trench approximately 3 ft. deep, 3 ft. wide, 24 ft. long. 

Law Counsel & LC Project Site – Douglas Development

JLTC acted as the general contractor/ CM for Douglas Development Corporation on this tenant improvement/ office space buildout.